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Inspector Class Form

When signing up to take a class using our online form, please pick your top three choices for the type of class you wish to sign up for. If you need to sign up for more than one type of class, please submit a new online form for your top three choices for each different type of class.

At this time we will only be holding training classes for our Poll Site Managers and uncertified regular inspectors. If you attended class in 2023 your Certification will not expire until July 1, 2024, you will be sent a schedule for certification mid to late July.

Certification ClassesTraining that is offered to be a regular inspector, goes over main duties that are required of our inspector tasks on Election day. This is a yearly requirement to work elections and also includes the County’s Sexual Harassment Training. Class is 3.5 hours and certification will expire on July 1 of the following year.

Poll Site Manager Class A specialty class offered before each election for those who express interest in overseeing their assigned site on Election day. This is an additional training and you will still be required to attend the certification training. Training is goes over advanced functions on the poll pad, machine set up and leading your team on Election day. Class is 3.5 hours.

Poll Manager

Class #DateTimeClass #DateTimeClass #DateTime
213THUR 5/21PM218MON 5/61PM230MON 5/139AM
214THUR 5/25PM219MON 5/65PM231MON 5/131PM
215FRI 5/39AM220TUES 5/79AM232TUES 5/149AM
216FRI 5/31PM221TUES 5/71PM233TUES 5/141PM
217SAT 5/49AM222WED 5/89AM234TUES 5/145PM
223WED 5/81PM
224WED 5/85PM
225THUR 5/99AM
226THUR 5/91PM
227FRI 5/109AM
228FRI 5/101PM
229SAT 5/119AM
As of 5/13 all Poll site manager classes are full, we will offer training again over the summer to prep for Novembers Election.

Certification Class

Class #DateTime
235THURS 5/169AM
236THURS 5/161PM
237THURS 5/165PM
238FRI 5/179AM
239FRI 5/171PM
240SAT 5/189AM