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Campaign Finances

Visit the New York State Board of Elections website for all information regarding campaign finance. You will be able to find everything you need on the NYSBOE website from forms and publications to education and training videos!

Webinars are currently being offered by the New York State Board of Elections.

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Contribution Limits

New York State Election Law places limits on the amount of political contributions that can be made by individuals, family members and corporations. The contribution limit for family members is an aggregate limit from all the candidate’s family members (defined as a child, parent, grandparent, brother and sister or spouse of those persons). A corporation may contribute up to a total of $5,000 in the aggregate in any calendar year. In order for a candidate’s authorized committee to qualify for a separate primary contribution limit, the candidate must be participating in a contested primary.

2024 contribution limits will be published no later than April 15th.

2023 Countywide Citywide and Towns Contribution Limits
2023 County Legislature Contribution Limits
2023 City of Syracuse Council Contribution Limits
2023 Camillus and Salina Wards Contribution Limits
2023 Village Contribution Limits

Revised: January 8, 2024