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Election Inspectors

On Election Day we employ over two thousand people will work at schools, churches, and other facilities processing voters so that we can conduct a fair election, as perfect as possible. It is a long day but it is very rewarding to know you have helped your community choose its leaders.

Election Inspectors are paid $255 to work in the Primaries and General Elections. The required working hours are from 5:00 AM to 10:00PM. At this time we are unable to accommodate half-day shifts. We do not have any volunteer positions.

You must be able to speak, read and write English, (bilingual inspectors, especially Spanish speakers, are very welcome), be a registered voter in Onondaga County and you must be available to work the day of the election.

It is recommended that you be registered in either the Democratic or Republican party, however, we are training all voters who wish to be election inspectors, as we have limited spots available for those who are registered in other parties.

As an Election Inspector you will be required to complete a 3.5 hour class on the processes and procedures related to being an inspector, followed by a mandatory written test. Persons who successfully complete the test will be paid an hourly rate and will be eligible to work an election. Class is an annual requirement. Classes are held in Spring and late Summer to prep for elections.

Interested in Being an Inspector?

  • Interested in Being an Inspector?
    Download a Poll Worker Survey, to be mailed into our office once completed. This is a requirement to be accepted into class.
  • Sign up forĀ Election Inspector Class.
    Poll Site Managers are required to attend training prior to each election. Certification Classes are limited for our May classes, if you are unable to attend May Certification you will receive another mailer for the next training.
  • Update your Availability.
    For inspectors who completed a certification class in 2023.

Please Email the INSPECTOR DEPARTMENT if you have any further questions.


For more information contact:

Election Inspector Department at (315) 435-3331 (E-Mail the Inspector Department)

Desiree Lafave at (315) 435-5761 (E-Mail Desiree)

Amanda Emmons at (315) 435-5772 (E-Mail Amanda)

REVISED: February 22, 2024