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Tax Mapping Department

Tax Maps are updated annually in March, at which time you can order a full set of Onondaga County Tax Maps on CD
including the necessary map viewers for $350.00. Scroll down to find out how to order the CD or individual paper maps.


View Tax Maps in Person

View Tax Maps in person at the County Real Property Tax Services in the Civic Center.

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How to Order Copies of Tax Maps
Tax Maps may only be purchased at Onondaga County Real Property Tax Services (RPTS).

In Person: Visit our office in the Civic Center during business hours and make payment at the time of the order. Lap size or Zoomed In maps will be available immediately. Full size maps and CDs will be picked up in the office at a later date or mailed.

By Mail: Send a check or money order for all maps plus return postage to our PO Box noted on the left.

Properties in City of Syracuse:
Make payment online or mail to:
Commissioner of Finance
PO Box 5271
Binghamton, NY 13902
P: 315-448-8310

Properties outside City of Syracuse
(all other towns & villages)
Make payment online or mail to:
Chief Fiscal Officer
PO Box 1004
Syracuse, NY 13201
P: 315-435-2426

See the table below for the cost for each map and postage amounts.

Map Charges
Type of MapSizePrice
Tax Map (Full Size)Approx 2′ x 3′$ 10.00
Tax Maps (Lap Size)Ledger 11″ x 17″$ 4.00
Tax Maps (Zoomed In)Letter 8.5″ x 11″$ 2.00
Postage Charges
Number of MapsRolled (in tube)Folded (in envelope)
1 to 2$ 4.00$ 1.50
3$ 4.00$ 2.00
4$ 4.00$ 4.00
5 to 10$ 6.00
11 to 15$ 12.00
16 to 25$ 15.00
CD Charges
Type of ServiceInformationPrice
CD of Entire CountyIncludes Viewers & Postage$ 350.00