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Welcome to the
Onondaga County Law Department

Department Mission
The Department of Law (or County Attorney’s Office) is under the direction of the County Attorney, who is appointed by the County Executive and whose appointment is subject to the approval of the County Legislature. At the time of appointment, and throughout the term of office, the County Attorney is duly licensed attorney and in good standing to practice law in the State of New York. The County Attorney is directly responsible to, and serves at the pleasure of, the County Executive.

The County Attorney and his supporting legal staff is the sole legal advisor for the County government with respect to civil matters. The County Attorney’s duty is to provide full time counsel to the Deputy County Executive, the County Administrators and the departments under their respective executive direction.

Such duties include preparation of all necessary legal papers and instruments, the prosecution or defense of all civil matters or proceedings involving the County and its agents, the preparation of local laws, ordinances, resolutions and legislation, and all other duties that may be required by the County Executive and/or the County Legislature.